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Welcome Bags 101

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

If you're a guest at a destination wedding, there's nothing like arriving at your hotel and being welcomed by a bag full of sweets, useful information and thoughtful goodies! The gesture of a welcome bag reassures your guests how much you appreciate them traveling near and far to celebrate your special day. Not to mention, it starts the wedding weekend off on a happy note!

From personal experience with our Sanibel Island destination wedding, I had so much fun putting the bags together. At first I had no idea what I needed to include or what I should include. I had to take the time to research, "what to include in wedding welcome bags" - let this blog serve as your research and save you some time!

How you are going to present the welcome bag. It doesn't necessarily have to be a bag per say (a cute tote is useful) but keep in mind for those traveling, make it convenient for them to either pack in a suitcase or carry with them on an airplane. Make sure the size of the container you decide on isn't too large so you don't have to purchase so many items to fill it!


What goes in the bag? Below is a list of basic items that is included in a good welcome bag. A combination of any of the following can be used no matter the destination -

- Welcome tag or note to give a personal touch (printed or handwritten)

- Printed weekend itinerary

- Bottled water

- Snacks (both salty and sweet)

- Pain killers for the morning after

- Gum/mints

- Mini bottles of alcohol

- Map or brochure including things to do in the area/restaurant suggestions (check with your venue)

- Practical items (like sunscreen, chap stick or bug spray)

- Door hangers

To craft a welcome bag to suit your personalities and/or theme, you could purchase a colored bag tying into your wedding colors or create "His" + "Hers" stickers for the salty/sweet snacks. Having different snack options will suit your guests preferences and keep in mind any allergies.


How many bags do I need? My suggestion to you is have one bag for every two guests. For example, if four guests are staying in the same hotel room, you would provide two bags. Each bag will have items to accommodate two guests (two bottled water, two pain killers, etc.). The items you don't necessarily need two of would be the snacks or the map/brochure of the area.

If you wanted to get creative, you could customize the bags for each of your guests. This would be ideal for smaller weddings but incorporating a personal name tag or their favorite alcohol brands would be more personable. However, if you have a large wedding, just keep it basic.


Most importantly, have fun brainstorming ideas and being unique. Remember, it's not about the amount of items you have or the worth of the items. It's the thought that counts.

Want to provide welcome bags but don't have the time? I would be happy to put together your welcome bags! In the past I have shipped welcome bag items to couples and you can be involved as little or as much as you want.

Need hangover kits to include in your bags? Check out my Etsy Shop and browse organza favors to accommodate both weddings and bachelorette parties!

See the links below for template options and suggestions ~ I have personally used all Etsy shop items and can vouch for the quality of the items!

Bulk Bags/Totes - Amazon

Welcome Tag - berryberrysweet

Printable Wedding Itinerary - StudioNellcoteDIY

Printable Door Hanger - berryberrysweet

Bulk Practical Items - Sams Club or Amazon

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