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Month of Coordination - why should I consider it?

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

This is my most requested service and I am going to talk to you a little bit more about this service in detail and why you should consider hiring a wedding coordinator for your wedding.

There are so many reasons to love what I do. My job as a wedding coordinator is to take any stress off my couples in order for them to enjoy their big day. I strive to provide my couples with peace of mind knowing the vision of what they have been planning months maybe even years for, is being brought to life how they imagined it.

Couples tend to add a wedding coordinator at the bottom of their vendor list (if at all) and I am here to tell you, do yourself a favor and add a wedding coordinator into consideration. Whether it is myself or another coordinator, they will take care of little details you probably wouldn't think about, will make sure the last minute to-dos are implemented and most importantly that your wedding day is run smoothly.


Month-of or more popularly known as day-of coordination, is best suited for couples who have planned their wedding but are looking for someone to take over the details and logistics in the weeks leading up to wedding day and having them be the point-of-contact on the day itself.

Some venues often either already have a coordinator included in their packages or have a requirement of you hiring a certified wedding planner/coordinator. This is one of the first questions to ask your venue to be sure all of your bases are covered. Review the venue contract!

Every wedding planner or coordinator works differently so be sure you are aware of the services they provide and what you will receive upon booking each service. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

The Bridal Binder offers so much more in their month of coordination services aside from just simply being present on wedding day. I offer a FREE consultation prior to booking as I like to sit down with my couples to discuss what they are looking for in a coordinator as well as the areas in which they need assistance with. Following the consultation, a personalized quote for my services will be emailed within 24 hours.

Every couple's budget is not the same so my service prices are not the same. I personally planned my own wedding on a budget and can relate to any couple in the same predicament.

The Bridal Binder month of coordination services begin 5-6 weeks prior to the big day. I will reach out to obtain all your vendor information, seating charts, timeline, etc. I will introduce myself as your wedding coordinator to all your vendors ensuring they have my contact information. I will begin to put together your detailed timeline and will work with you to iron out any logistical challenges that may arise.

Having discussed your plans in detail, I will produce a detailed timeline and distribute this to all your vendors so they understand the schedule of what needs to happen and when to be sure everything runs like clockwork on your wedding day.

Will you have thank you cards and tip envelopes to give to vendors? The Bridal Binder will personally hand out the envelopes on your behalf.

The Bridal Binder will of course be there on the day of to complete venue set-up, oversee the schedule and discreetly manage any unforeseen hiccups. Decor set-up and breakdown is guaranteed so you don't have to rely on friends and family, they can enjoy your wedding too!

I will usually be on site from the start of the first vendor arrival and leave post-wedding after vendor breakdown. I will do a final walk through of the venue ensuring nothing is left behind.


Let's be honest, you're probably debating whether a coordinator is completely worth it. There is no doubt that a professional coordinator is an asset to a wedding but you should consider it even more so if you have let's say a blank canvas venue, such as a large outdoors space or a venue in which you obtain the keys for based on the rental. In such cases, there would be no venue lead the day of your wedding.

Hiring a wedding coordinator will relieve so much stress and allow you to focus and relax, knowing the plans you have made are in the hands of a trusted professional to ensure your vision is executed and your wedding day is ran smoothly.

The biggest benefit is the peace of mind that it will bring to both you and your loved ones.

Have I convinced you yet? If so and you feel this is something you could benefit from, send me an email at and I would love to chat!

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