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DIY Wedding Ceremony Fans

Listen here, I was a #budgetbride and if you're asking yourself, "I don't know if I can afford my wedding," the answer is you can if you budget and research. Yes, research. This may seem like a hassle that you don't want to tackle but let me tell you, it's worth it. Majority of my planning was researching. Researching the best products at the best prices, comparing websites with similar products, calculating my budget with costs and most importantly DIY wedding projects.

I initially took interest in DIY projects because I love being hands-on. Plus, my mom was always so crafty growing up and my best friend, MOH, is artistic so I knew I would have help along the way. Therefore, if you have family and friends who are on the crafty side or continue to ask you, "what can I do to help," don't be afraid to include them in your DIY projects.

Let's get down to it.

I had a Florida beach wedding in April and so ceremony fans for our guests was something on the "must have" list to keep our guests comfortable. From past research, DIY Ceremony Fans can cost anywhere between $100-$350 based on the quantity you need, design fee, shipping fee, etc. Like what? We just couldn't afford an extra expense or we at least wanted to apply that money somewhere else.

Cue my own research.

The DIY fans you see above cost me less than $0.50 each!


Printable Wedding Program Fan Template

White Cardstock 8.5" x 11"

8" Craft Wood Sticks

0.5"-1" Craft Ribbon

Glue Gun


Printer/Black Ink

Think about it, half of the above items are basic crafting supplies that you may already have laying around the house.


1. Choose the color ribbon combinations you would like to use -

what are your wedding colors?

2. How many fans do you need? - Be sure to have a good idea on your final guest count. Wait until the last few months or so before your wedding to start your fans.

3. Purchase any items that you need - You could research local stores in your area to determine the best product for the cost you can afford. Don't forget about craft store coupons!

4. Decide on a date to put together your fans - My suggestion to you is to put together your fans in one day. Gather your mom, bridesmaids, significant other and make a night out of it including wine and fellowship. Create an assembly line!

5. Create a space to lay out the fans so they can dry over night - I hot glued the corners of the card stock together, the card stock to the craft stick and the ribbon to the craft stick.

6. Do you have something to put them in on your wedding day? - A simply basket or chest will do! You may already have something around the house you can utilize.

The distressed white chest pictured above I purchased at Old Time Pottery. I bought burlap fabric from a local craft store, my maid of honor painted "programs," and I hot glued the material to the chest. After a few short days, we had an inexpensive yet elegant program holder made. Another fun project! This also helped prevent the fans from blowing away as it was windy on the beach.

Simple and EASY DIY wedding project. Not only do you save financially but it also creates a memory when you are assembling your fans with your bridal party, family or significant other. Don't make it a hassle, make it FUN!


I can vouch for all the items I personally used on my own wedding ceremony fans and I have linked them below. Great quality and I even had items leftover!

White Cardstock - $5.92 / 150 sheets Walmart

Printable Wedding Program Fan Template - $15.00 Etsy

8" Craft Wood Sticks - $10.99 / 200 sticks Amazon

My mother-in-law purchased our ribbon in bulk from a local craft store for about $0.10 a yard! Do your research and don't forget to apply store coupons!

Remember, you could also have a local print shop (Office Depot/Staples) print your wedding fans on card stock for you just remember there is an added cost to that.


Have I turned you into a DIY bride? If so, I would love to hear about your own experience with DIY Wedding Fans!! Be sure to leave a comment or shoot me an email at

Be sure to follow me on social media!



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