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New Year ~ New Niche

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Reflecting on my first year of business and looking back on the first few weddings I coordinated, I realized I absolutely love bringing all aspects of the planning process together and being in charge of the execution of a wedding. This brought me to the conclusion that the only service I want to offer (package wise) is month of coordination. Of the three weddings I have coordinated, this was the package they selected and I've had such amazing feedback from not only my brides but the vendors I worked with as well.

I vividly remember conversations with two vendors at each of my first few weddings, small talk about our businesses and in brief conversation I explained how this was my first/second wedding being a coordinator. "Stop it, seriously? Well you have done an exceptional job and you were destined to pursue this." That comment from the DJ at my second wedding was everything and being told how professional I am on top of being so organized, most vendors keep telling me, "I wish every coordinator I work with was like you."

Could I plan an entire wedding? The answer is yes absolutely, I planned my own! However, I love the busy work and the focus it takes to pull everything together for the BIG day.

Let's be honest, brides are stressed and a bit over the planning process when it comes to about 1-2 months out from the wedding. I was ! This is where I step in. I have the couple send me everything they have done to plan their wedding - all the seating charts, vendor information, vendor contacts + contracts, a list of final to-dos, etc. From here, I reach out to all the vendors introducing myself and becoming the point-of-contact person for the wedding to relieve stress off the bride. I finalize timelines and details, sending this information to all the vendors as well. I'll pick-up decor from the couple so they nor their family have to worry about decor. Family is extremely important to me. I want to be sure the couple's family is not stressed on wedding day and they're able to relax as well. A lesson I learned from my own wedding and what sparked The Bridal Binder. I ensure that I have the details to execute not only their vision but their dream wedding they have been planning months/years for.

On top of month of coordination, I also have decor rental opportunities. If a couple no longer has a need for decor, I happily take it off their hands and re-use for future brides. I'll go into more detail about my initiative behind this. A blog topic for another day!

Although this year has had a few setbacks thanks to Covid-19, I have had a lot more time to reflect, research and plan my goals for 2020. I am so excited for the new content I have planned. From monthly email updates, vendor spotlights, wedding tips + tricks and much more! Stay tuned...

Needless to say, it's a new year and a new niche for my business. I am confident that this is a step in the right direction to book more weddings and staying focused on what motivates me. If you or anyone you know is engaged or planning a wedding, be sure to send my information to them and I would love to talk all things wedding planning! I offer a FREE consultation!!

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